Saturday, February 14, 2015

The unbearable lightness of sadomasochism, Blackness saturation 10thshade/50 (.2) to 15th/50(.333) the shades of grey.

All comments made pertaining to the movie are derived from on discussions with people confessedly boycotting it - people who have not watched the film but feel strongly they should explain the movie  and tell us what it represents.

Shades of grey is wish fulfillment film, where gratifying strange and conflicted desires brings the characters to fulfillment. No part where the lover's callously discarded for the next plaything. Perhaps there is no such scene in the film, but Don Juan must go on.

The predatatory lusts of powerful men find no lack of willing objects. That there are predatory components to sexuality is really nothing new.  Sex is about the participants, they proclaimed, full stop.

The recent sexual revolution has successfully convinced many people to identify sexual gratification with sexual fulfillment - mutuality being the proviso, by custom and consensus.  That proviso stands guard over fulfillment - the fuller realization of our merits and capacities as human beings.  Gratification pertains to the realization of the excellence of experience attainable. 

Gratification ~=feeling.
Fulfillment ~= Spiritual progress, to use six words.

In contemporary philosophy, sex drives evolved as a mechanism to ensure that humans reproduce. But a far as human individuals are concerned, sexuality amounts to peculiarities of psychology, and to some psychiatrists extend the conepts to physiology. 

When I say philosophy, I imply that the relationship of the individual to the larger number, to the past and future, is a wide range of tendency that agree.  Psyche tells how to find what's gratifying and move on it, your will unonscious, you think upon this and act accordingly.  But who speaks for the dead?  Who speaks for the unborn? The diversion of star-crossed lovers from what need have been a single meeting?

To this way of thinking, a highway may have been built to expedite the movement of cars, but thanks to the progress of the human mind, we now realize it's just as well disregard the highway when we drive.

The reality is that a persons's sexual drives have evolved to organize and direct behavior to purposes beyond their own. Personal survival is not arbitrarily related to biological propagation any more than is self-sacrifice.

There are obvious correlations between morality and gratification. I suspect this relationship is extremely contingent. In fact some benefits require harm, whether as a function of utilitarian necessity (robbery, defamation) or sadism. Pursuing someone with whom to share love reflects the universal human condition, and the association with morality is quite compelling. By comparison, does contriving to use someone for pleasure imply commensurate dignity?

There was no time where only villains mistreated women. Surely times have changed: The film is driven by the romance of "predatory" sexuality, and promoted as a gentle way to introduce your date to the joys of sadomasochism.

For future reference:  The study of demographic manipulation,s elective change, mechanisms and knowledge study and outstanding questions, state of the sundry arts, primordial though they may be.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Verbal transmission.

Moloch, horrid king besmeared with blood of children who, but for the noise of drums and timbrels loud, their cries unheard as they passed through fire to his grim idol...

I watched on Fox News, a segment designated for people without the stomach to see the video. Instead, these softer, gentler folks were treated to an equally harrowing description so they could be traumatized with the rest of us.

Friday, January 9, 2015

If freedom is anthing

It is the freedom to create anything this bad, tacky, professionally amateurish atrocity.
If ever there was a justification to suppress freedom of expression,
this stands out among them.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The sensitivity of the strains

(Musing after the must has left)
 This reptile wouldn't miss it or cry neither on such anterograde occasion
as grey cells could be removed entire.
Herein lies a crux of my reluctance
to countenance thirsty scalpel slake itin my brain.
Even could it be, as sinister whispers insinuate,
injury alone could be removed
a reptile wouldn't miss it
or cry neither,
is there one other thing...

a subject.  an object.  objects. subjects.

Which I'll save
for another

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Civil Disobedience without Uncivil Obedience.

 Je Suis

Can these things?
Really be happening again?

www. and I'm tying this by hand (I'll have to tell you about this one later, but one day you may find yourself)

Because this is a child safe site, each last digit of each URL is given by name.
these must be converted to numerical form.

Must this Phenotype come again?
Try this search term, copy and paste:

"tiny robots warfare poison insect"

And you will know the future of war.  We are not barreling ferocity like our clumsy encounters with wild boars, the nazi fragments that course through the minds of the beastly competition with a tusked adversary,
bumbling winnowers of graceful pests.

Violence resentful flaring for lack of resistance to our suffering added for "headline news" of canada.

Strategic relations 2015
Market Freedom
Civil disobedience
Looking the several ways whilst walking the street
Vendor Relationships Summit at
Note Strategic Plan Worker's compensation board 's for it's survival with age (most recent Acer Bookmark)

(Chances are pretty good I say.)
That old Chaos umpire sits. As the atoms melt away ands the universe cools.

There's simply no mistake on that score.  Together we live, together we die alone. Not unkin to it's independent kind. Humans in their present form, or anything very much like it, are unlikely to populate the several of rather hostile worlds in the galactic vicinity.  Are we preparing for judgement from above,
by our viciousness, always seeking seeking to sharpen it
against greater adversaries, and pursue greater gods.

Find this french poet, whose words I begin to close tonight:
"I'm caught in a hail of shrapnel.
The lead shot riddles the ground around me,
pierces mess sets and splits men's skulls."

The french call these broken faces.  And drove the development and production of steel helmets among british and french, but less well prepared adapted than the emblematic german helmet.  And still distance specified airbursts would be my choice of handheld shell.
 Micro-Chipped exploding ammunition, programmable at moment of firing ( distance, air pressure, temperature, ballistics. and a little robot with a nerdy propeller hat)currently with the XM25 2,300 feet (326 meters?)  said to be (probably by marketing staff,)
300 percent more effective than current weapons at the squad level.
That's  Pause to read.  Again child friendly site.
As any FPS player couldn't have told you years ago.

"tiny robots warfare poison insect" Principle of lift, Angle of attack coordination. Strength of connection to main axle.

Consider The WING in clamp is 90+15degrees to 90-15 degrees. Corresponding to 51 and -15 is the dial

Positive Angle of Attack Results in More Lift*

  The question is the total lift for the various configurations of engines and rotor blades as illustrated in cross section above.  How much slower is the air moving below than above?
The flat board does not continually generate differential speeds of flow.  A paint stir stick, would generate more and more turbulance, even as it's rate/radis*number blades *lift .
This design is ideal for light weight micro fixed pitch applications 

Selection of motor 
Best weight to power ratio, very quiet, expensive batteries short life, multiple batteries special charging equipment, improvised munition.
layers and layers of successively nested delivery systems.

*This image copied from

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I expect it will be colder tomorrow, but people are overdressed on this fine day in late prevention against yesterday's cold.

    While contemplating the magnificent elegance in the offshoots of Karl Marx' thoughts, Tosh seems to enjoy having cause to embrace fantastic conceits, but be reasonable.  He forbears, of course, to exploit them.  There is the ring of truth to Tosh's reverence for those "Fertile Errors(1)" of Marxism does not extend to endorsing them. With what unwary sophistication the historian in us beats off misconceptions!

    Millions dead, a deplorable abberation at which Tosh shrugs, knowing better than to attribute it to psycopathic cult of personality.  The challenges he elides are closer to truth.  How vast our forgetfulness.  Living memories time fades, and even historians make the lest of the most predictable virulence, reporting one way or the other which the most robust, if not always fruitful offshoots.