Friday, May 7, 2010

In Celebration of the Birth Control Pill

It's called THE PILL because, like an unwanted fetus, it needs no introduction.

I don't suppose you remember the middle ages. I distinctly remember thinking at one point that I was told that it was a rather backwards time. It is a scientifically verified fact that Monty Python has vividly parodied an actual recreation of the most up-to-date conception of those times in the "Meaning of the Quest for the Life of Brian."

At any rate, we're much more advanced than that now. (Look it up on! It says there was a university study, doubted by a known global warming denier and confirmed by a very well informed Nobel laureate.)

We are so advanced, in fact, that on May 9th 2010, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Birth Control Pill.
[As though the question was quite settled as for whom] and who says in any kind of blushing innocences historical inevitability has it that something dear in common victory that we identify with the victors.
After all, we have so very much more time to mold the future; our work is unburdened by children of our own.