Sunday, March 3, 2013

I heard disappointing news filtered through perceptive instincts within my sister.  It bore upon artistic circles, the theaterical articulations carry decadant strains of voyeurism, lewd.  If chance you light upon my meaning too, you'll see the dances unfolding in the ordinariness of the conduct of our rituals.  You'll see the old stories trademarked, patented, told so distinctively it clouds history and seems forever new.

I am disheartened how I am rebuffed because I do not say the appropriate formulae to convey the correct thinking of the correctly thought thought.  In part I profess to be a fool student: there are so many disparate doctrines, so many long held rules about what it is important well to have lived and thereby known.  And I believe misunderstanding to be mother necessitant of our self-reminders.  The reason we so wisely design minerva to fly at dusk.

Through the cunning denuciation of the wastefulness of clumsy platoons of Robotic squirrels.  Through abstracted nodding with the cadence of rhetoric I see hardening, cruelty.  I hear rumors of prisoners being released from prisons.  And not just every prison of course.  Particular ones.  All at once particular people freed.  But just how discriminate ought we be as to which laws imposed we'll over-look?  Who am I to judge the sliver in my fellow citizen's eyes when I'm in breach of the unwritten laws.

There is no statute of limitation on responsible citizenship.  There are no little people any longer.  Everyone is on the record, and has no prospect of being other than so.  Their very descendants will be judged by their breeding strains by whom will deem themselves fit, hands that wash themselves fit to guide to breed to scythe.  The irrevocable biological shift is remarkably obvious, so much so the historians will overlook how explicitly we acknowledge even though what is seen will remain inaccessible for so long, must recur for so long and so I remain grateful to still believe will not come for a long, long time.

March 3 2013 Post-Common-Era-Anno-Domnini-century-of-centuries. At this time, whatever it is. 

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