Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Street Church of Calgary

I had seen "Calgary's Street Church" providing food to their lines of rough-looking characters. Hungry workers unemployed, ill fed drug users or the mentally deranged . I wondered where this church got the money to feed the clients, who could not promise anything in exchange, and whether the food was sanitary enough for me to eat.

This much, Mayor Nenshi, City Hall, the Police have seen.

Yet, by and by, I chanced to walk by and I listened to their preacher/crier. He was not much better dressed than the people being fed. I did not get the impression that the preacher was offering job training or protection or even respect. I had the impression that his were words of certainty. He seemed warning them, and urging them to consider their eternal souls foremost.

I heard "Calgary's Street Church" rebuke evil deeds which the poor can control. He lacked Occupy concern about reallocating domains of control.

-Post Hoc
After the fact
The fellow said he got a terrific
Terrific, marvelous, novel
Stomach ache from the illustrious bacteria within.

   He apologized to me. "I've been banging heroin," he continued.
He said.
But I knew the words of the street preachers were better firewood
than the carelessly given food,
the "free food"
the infinite life.

A polite little hurry.

A friend's financial adviser, embarrassed when he encountered her in a Casino, stumbled out something about her mother's bingo. They soon parted ways, tense, in a polite little hurry.

But I think it's a pity to leave it at this.  We are so well met.  Perhaps we shall return on some occation Published 2014/1/30 9:53 pacific standard time Post script 2014/09/17 01:23 Pacific Standard.

Monday, January 20, 2014

On an old cathode ray Television, with bunny ears, only now a digital signal converting box to improve the bandwidth of the city's spectra of photon emissions, refractions, radio waves and laser beams.  But the content of the news has not much improved.

It's plastered all over the Calgary Sun (The local rag that many people end up reading while eating lunch), CTV and CBC, they report a case of the measles, not even a reported second infection, or establishment in a sub-population.

But those on the roads Cough, people waiting in check out lines, knowing they couldn't hold much longer, the particularly persistent irritation.  A slow mucus flow.

There seems to be gentle plauge that has swept flowing though Calgary.

 You cannot help but wonder if the sick person is more miserable than those in close contact to him.  No doubt a frail saint hold not a merry thing against you though your very breath could push her to the grave.  But such sensibilities of complacent compassion, implicit forgiveness are lost to those who get out on the wrong side of their bed. (Colloquial: Irritable in addition to whatother problem)

But of course that's just what someone needs.  To get on a crowded train where ill controlled airflows swirling tiny droplets with tiny pathogens.  Spittle flicks through fingers and lands on the buttonscreen of you cellphone is awful, but when they wash their hands then handle cash with *lick* quick flicks the moistened finger had pulled the bills from the wallet, and had already outfoxed him too.

I cannot be the only person to notice the frequency of people coughing in public.  For all I know attention was drawn to me of this phenomenon of the uncomfortable punctuation between labor to not breath too deeply after struggling to inhale against the force of that spray of RNAwithin tiny droplets.

Far more coughing in public than usual, who could fail to notice it? Though it would take some doing to figure out just where to whom spread...

Easily fifty coughs heard by others.   More, certainly by me.  I'm sure I go days without hearing someone cough, at least no more than the indexes on my fingers.

Are you listening to the pulse? It doesn't have to be unusual or significant (Though I appreciate the discussion of rare and exotic creatures be a source of fascination.) but while your eyes fixed on cellphones, a dry cough, it's always cough cough cough cough particularly hard to stop, coming in bursts between a slow, leisurely seeping of mucus into the lungs.

And Where is "Canada's broadcasting Corporation" eh?  The weather's the best thing on the evening news.  From Fox News to the New York Times, these organizations are fun, well paid jobs.  Unprofitable, outmoded  long before the cash tap eases. in the information gathering and conveyance models of their streaming.

The way the news occurs is when people open their eyes.  Look around them.  And listen to the communication. Hacked morse codes, in a slightly moist but not burbling tone.  And as they breathed shallowly for decorum, but unexpectedly overtaken to the purposes of THAT media WHICH IS a mode of human news that the "News" business blithely, blindly, preoccupied, smiling walks blindly by.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

 From Zero Hedge dot com.
"Chalk this one up to US (f)austerity, and a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bull that forgot to add Pentobarbital among the billions in pork spending.
Two months ago we reported that due to a shortage of Pentobarbital, Ohio would be unable to execute death row convicts. It appears that the shortage has persisted into the new year, and now some states are taking matters into their own hands. Or rather the hands of the firing squad."

I have lighted upon themes which I now recognize are the subject of history.  In addition to larceny, timely aid and genocide, the vast archives of resources are a part of the finite trajectory of human history.  It befits what remains of posterity to offer a modicum of historical digestion on the way down.  How else are we to provide for our descendants?

I have wondered whether I should be more prudent in the consideration of what I lay down.  In the end, I shall err on being truthful.  If you have found me, you probably are long in the future and a prodigiously fact processor information to condescend to trace so trivial a glimpse of significance.  Or you a fool, who has better uses of his time, as I have, than implicating myself of most terrible madness.

Zero hedge is really a fascinating source.  It is messy, eccentric as the market trajectories, anonymous.  It can easily evade attention, although I see it has a following.

I'm sympathetic to the topicality or ideology.  Visualized data, brief and varied discussions of kinds of data (mainly financial markets, and some aspects of Durden (Tyler) are goldbuggish.  But like a swarm of bugs,.
 On Progress In Human Affairs

Today, we understand the principle of Natural Selection by mutation and inheritance. This has been proven through science.  Only fools admit not to have been persuaded.  Such fools are such fools that they parade their ignorance, proclaim it! It's such a bother to have to prove the truth yet again.  How tiresome, it's as useless as love we must learn through our own.  

Despite having made this discovery, genetic discrimination been overcome.  It's a fact - we kill our own young.  And besides species and breeds, it's all ancient history - books aren't even records of history, not anymore.  

We know a lot more than the obsolete men - and they were all men - who wrote them.  It seems a shame people read old books for so long.  Of course I would never advocate burning books, that would be barbaric. But we know better and what little we don't can be looked up on a smart phone.  And with state of the art schools, we'll soon be able to recite it, I'll bet.

On The Miracles of Modern Social Engineering

Migrants leave wars behind, just as we have.  Fortunately, war was annihilated.  It costs many lives, but now we live in peace. On remembrance day we wear poppies and give thanks that the soliders are dead. 

It's now all about tolerance.  We don't discriminate against religious practices.  Intractable conflicts arise if we're too convinced that we're right and they're wrong.  Therefore, we disbelieve, we refuse to believe.  We're too understanding to discuss in work, school or public what is most important to us.

Canadians are baffled by prejudice, since we tend to avoid those who don't share ours. So yes, we overcame racism and genetic prejudice, and sexism.  We must make some allowances, but for the most part, we find it easy to be peaceful.  What is difficult to understand is how it was ever otherwise.  Oh sure, we repeat ourselves again and again, and say clearly how gentle we are.  We denounce prejudice.  But isn't it a wonder no-one thought of that before?
We have learned that predictions of large scope and time scales may be highly reliable and it appears prediction is categorically impossible for the small. But it's strange how well we have learned from others mistakes, but I don't understand: why couldn't people do that before?

Humans formerly prepared for winters with feasting, or organized sexual reproduction with chastity. Perhaps, likewise innocence prepares us for violation, the better to harden for the war.