Sunday, January 19, 2014

 On Progress In Human Affairs

Today, we understand the principle of Natural Selection by mutation and inheritance. This has been proven through science.  Only fools admit not to have been persuaded.  Such fools are such fools that they parade their ignorance, proclaim it! It's such a bother to have to prove the truth yet again.  How tiresome, it's as useless as love we must learn through our own.  

Despite having made this discovery, genetic discrimination been overcome.  It's a fact - we kill our own young.  And besides species and breeds, it's all ancient history - books aren't even records of history, not anymore.  

We know a lot more than the obsolete men - and they were all men - who wrote them.  It seems a shame people read old books for so long.  Of course I would never advocate burning books, that would be barbaric. But we know better and what little we don't can be looked up on a smart phone.  And with state of the art schools, we'll soon be able to recite it, I'll bet.

On The Miracles of Modern Social Engineering

Migrants leave wars behind, just as we have.  Fortunately, war was annihilated.  It costs many lives, but now we live in peace. On remembrance day we wear poppies and give thanks that the soliders are dead. 

It's now all about tolerance.  We don't discriminate against religious practices.  Intractable conflicts arise if we're too convinced that we're right and they're wrong.  Therefore, we disbelieve, we refuse to believe.  We're too understanding to discuss in work, school or public what is most important to us.

Canadians are baffled by prejudice, since we tend to avoid those who don't share ours. So yes, we overcame racism and genetic prejudice, and sexism.  We must make some allowances, but for the most part, we find it easy to be peaceful.  What is difficult to understand is how it was ever otherwise.  Oh sure, we repeat ourselves again and again, and say clearly how gentle we are.  We denounce prejudice.  But isn't it a wonder no-one thought of that before?
We have learned that predictions of large scope and time scales may be highly reliable and it appears prediction is categorically impossible for the small. But it's strange how well we have learned from others mistakes, but I don't understand: why couldn't people do that before?

Humans formerly prepared for winters with feasting, or organized sexual reproduction with chastity. Perhaps, likewise innocence prepares us for violation, the better to harden for the war.

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