Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Street Church of Calgary

I had seen "Calgary's Street Church" providing food to their lines of rough-looking characters. Hungry workers unemployed, ill fed drug users or the mentally deranged . I wondered where this church got the money to feed the clients, who could not promise anything in exchange, and whether the food was sanitary enough for me to eat.

This much, Mayor Nenshi, City Hall, the Police have seen.

Yet, by and by, I chanced to walk by and I listened to their preacher/crier. He was not much better dressed than the people being fed. I did not get the impression that the preacher was offering job training or protection or even respect. I had the impression that his were words of certainty. He seemed warning them, and urging them to consider their eternal souls foremost.

I heard "Calgary's Street Church" rebuke evil deeds which the poor can control. He lacked Occupy concern about reallocating domains of control.

-Post Hoc
After the fact
The fellow said he got a terrific
Terrific, marvelous, novel
Stomach ache from the illustrious bacteria within.

   He apologized to me. "I've been banging heroin," he continued.
He said.
But I knew the words of the street preachers were better firewood
than the carelessly given food,
the "free food"
the infinite life.

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