Sunday, January 19, 2014

 From Zero Hedge dot com.
"Chalk this one up to US (f)austerity, and a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bull that forgot to add Pentobarbital among the billions in pork spending.
Two months ago we reported that due to a shortage of Pentobarbital, Ohio would be unable to execute death row convicts. It appears that the shortage has persisted into the new year, and now some states are taking matters into their own hands. Or rather the hands of the firing squad."

I have lighted upon themes which I now recognize are the subject of history.  In addition to larceny, timely aid and genocide, the vast archives of resources are a part of the finite trajectory of human history.  It befits what remains of posterity to offer a modicum of historical digestion on the way down.  How else are we to provide for our descendants?

I have wondered whether I should be more prudent in the consideration of what I lay down.  In the end, I shall err on being truthful.  If you have found me, you probably are long in the future and a prodigiously fact processor information to condescend to trace so trivial a glimpse of significance.  Or you a fool, who has better uses of his time, as I have, than implicating myself of most terrible madness.

Zero hedge is really a fascinating source.  It is messy, eccentric as the market trajectories, anonymous.  It can easily evade attention, although I see it has a following.

I'm sympathetic to the topicality or ideology.  Visualized data, brief and varied discussions of kinds of data (mainly financial markets, and some aspects of Durden (Tyler) are goldbuggish.  But like a swarm of bugs,.

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