Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Erasemus Will Next be read, for he is also the expositor of Moore.

Thomas Moore
     by R. W. Chambers
So it is the fruits of my first premeditated larceny of any scale.  It's really a tremendous work of art in it's own right.  I fear I may have taken  best book, in a preponderantly mediocre library for people in crisis.  Though judging from the abundance of Seraquil and the mind numbingly zombifying (but considered-not-so-addictive) valium.

I remember what must of been like my earliest theft, certainly before 1990, the preposterous ignominy of whose failure left an abiding impression on me.Aa rueful shame with a comedic complexion humbly learned.  

Yesterday I stole the biography of The life of Moor and his work in the "Detox Center", - I was leaving precipitously and 3.5 days early.  

I shall send you some of the pathos, the hilarity and nobility shown of him even in the preface.  

I look forward for meeting with you. What beverage do you prefer these days?  Perrier sparkling water?  In any case, I shall phone text correspond with you.  Excpect a voice call in the next couple of days.

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