Tuesday, December 30, 2014

    While contemplating the magnificent elegance in the offshoots of Karl Marx' thoughts, Tosh seems to enjoy having cause to embrace fantastic conceits, but be reasonable.  He forbears, of course, to exploit them.  There is the ring of truth to Tosh's reverence for those "Fertile Errors(1)" of Marxism does not extend to endorsing them. With what unwary sophistication the historian in us beats off misconceptions!

    Millions dead, a deplorable abberation at which Tosh shrugs, knowing better than to attribute it to psycopathic cult of personality.  The challenges he elides are closer to truth.  How vast our forgetfulness.  Living memories time fades, and even historians make the lest of the most predictable virulence, reporting one way or the other which the most robust, if not always fruitful offshoots.

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